Interior design in Almaty

Design studio Vrain twister - the leader among similar companies. From the rest of us are of high quality works from 3D visualization, finishing projects working drawings. This is due to high demands on themselves and employees. Every designer has a university degree and constantly improve their knowledge in various seminars and exhibitions dedicated to design and architecture.

If you order the interior design in Almaty, you can rest assured, as applied to a specialist.

Our work on the project consists of three phases:

The first stage - the departure of the designer on the measurements, and the filling of the brief discussion, the requirements specification to design and develop options for layouts 2-3 / alterations to the plan of arrangement of furniture.

The second stage - rendering 3D images to the design (3-4 angle for each room).

The third phase - the development of documentation.

Interior design is not an easy task, especially in Almaty, Almaty residents as indigenous is very demanding on the work of the designer, because they have a clear idea of ​​what a design project.


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